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  • Jaron Wanderley

    Jaron Wanderley

  • Tuğkan Kibar

    Tuğkan Kibar

    Software Engineer w/ emphasis on React Native. Based in Netherlands. For business inquiries

  • Rick Hwang

    Rick Hwang

  • Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan

  • Dashon Jamal Hawkins

    Dashon Jamal Hawkins

    Full stack Javascript developer that specializes in JAMstack, Headless CMS, Serverless, & Progressive Web Apps. (Gatsbyjs, Next, GraphQL, FaunaDB, NodeJS, etc.)

  • Mazin Hussain

    Mazin Hussain

    A journalist helping humans understand how tech is changing your world.

  • JP Franco

    JP Franco

  • Ind


    Sri Lanka

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